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Smart Travel as an Independent Female

The world is becoming more and more accessible, and for female travelers especially, seeing the world is becoming more of a possibility and a priority.  As amazing as travel can be, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your journey is as safe and memorable as possible.

  1. Prepare Before You Go.  One of the best things you can do to ensure that you stay safe throughout your travels is to prepare before you go.  Learn a few key phrases (like “help” or “call the police” and “where is the bathroom”) so you can be confident in your ability to get out of a tough situation.  Also, choose a hotel that is located in a safe neighborhood.
  2. Stay in Contact.  Whether you decide to call, email, keep up your blog, or post on Facebook, communicating with the folks back home will ensure that someone will notice if something goes wrong.  Plus, this stream of communication will give you a sweet record of your time abroad.
  3. Keep it Light on the Streets.  As you take to the streets, try to keep your belongings to a minimum.  This will keep you from looking like a viable target.  Try to stick with just your hotel key card, a credit card, and some cash.  This will keep things simple and keep your hands free.

As you venture out into the world, remember that your safety is a top priority.  The world is there for you to see, so take advantage of it, and have the experience of a life time!