Resume Tips: 5 Ways to Stand Out

When it comes to your resume, you have an opportunity to show off your skills and experiences in a unique way that makes you even more appealing to all of your prospective employers.  Because resumes are so important to your future, it is a good idea to stand out from the crowd.  By following these few guidelines, you will be able to create a resume that presents you in the best light and will make an awesome impression on your future employer.

  1. Address the Job Directly—This means that when you read the job requirements for a particular position, you should make sure to adapt your resume to reflect your ability to meet the needs of that job.  Using key words and phrases from their job description can help you stand out as the exact kind of candidate they are looking for.
  2. Show, Not Tell—Use expressive power words that show these employers what you have done in the past.  Instead of saying, “Worked hard on projects,” try something more like, “Took initiative in completing tasks efficiently and exceeding expectations.”  Using this kind of wording will set you apart from the crowd.
  3. Use Active Voice—In addition to your word choice, remember to put your resume into active voice, show the things you have “led,” “managed,” or “achieved.”
  4. Keep your Information Measurable—Whenever possible, show your results with numbers and percentages.  Giving specific numerical details provides your employer with an easy image of your success.
  5. Use Simple and Unique Design—An aesthetically pleasing resume will set you apart and show that you have some design skill.  Stick to one or, at most, two fonts, and keep the design consistent throughout your resume.  You will be sure to make a great impression on your future employers.