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Oktoberfest Hotel in Danbury, CT

Deck yourself out in some spiffy lederhosen or a dirndl, hoist a foamy stein, and tuck into some sausages or pretzels with gusto: Oktoberfest is about to hit the Connecticut Gold Coast with all the merriment and good cheer of Munich’s original!

And with boutique accommodations here at Hotel Zero Degrees, you’ve got ready access to one of the standout Bavarian-style celebrations in the region: the Oktoberfest put on by Get Downtown Danbury.

Get Downtown Danbury’s Oktoberfest 2018

Danbury’s Oktoberfest takes place Saturday, September 29th on the CityCenter Green, a mere hop, skip, and a jump from Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury. Festivities get underway at 3 PM and run until 8 PM.

You’ll find plenty of sudsy refreshment on hand for the proceedings, not to mention an arsenal of food trucks as well as live music and other entertainment. Throw in some lawn games and contests, and you’ve got the makings of a prime-grade Oktoberfest right here in Fairfield County, Connecticut!

Unleash your inner Bavarian and let the good times role at Danbury’s CityCenter Green, content in the knowledge that luxurious boutique accommodations await you a stone’s throw away at Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury.

The Oktoberfest Tradition: From Munich All the Way to the Connecticut Gold Coast

The beery merriment of Oktoberfest has its roots in the early 19th century in­—you guessed it—Munich, Germany. In 1810, the citizenry engaged in a multiday celebration of a wedding: the marriage of Ludwig 1, then Crown Prince of Bavaria, and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, to be exact. The horse racing and general revelry proved to be quite the hit, enough so that the soiree was held the next year as well: thus inaugurating Oktoberfest as an autumn party that these days doesn’t have much at all to do with that foundational royal union.

Munich’s Oktoberfest remains the very biggest anywhere: More than six million attend. Nowadays, of course, you can find Oktoberfests all the world over as general celebrations of Bavarian/German beer and cuisine (and general excuses to have a good time).

Attend Danbury’s Oktoberfest With Hotel Zero Degrees Accommodations

We’d be happy to host you here at Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury for the 2018 Oktoberfest celebration thrown by Get Downtown Danbury. When you’re not over there at CityCenter Green toasting and dancing, you’ll have the finest in Danbury hospitality at your disposal at our boutique hotel. Book your Hotel Zero Degrees Danbury getaway for Saturday, September 29th today, and we’ll look forward to wishing you a hearty Prost! For the occasion!