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Luxury Connecticut Wedding Trends of 2019  

Here at Hotel Zero Degrees, we’re proud to offer our Danbury and Norwalk properties as fantastic Connecticut wedding venues all year round. As 2019 picks up steam, we thought we’d highlight some of the latest trends in wedding planning and décor to serve as inspiration for any of you lovebirds out there who may be planning to tie the knot with us in the near future.

To create this list, we pulled ideas from three main sources: “The 2019 Wedding Trends You Need to Know” from Brides magazine, Justina Huddleston’s “The Wedding Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2019” over at SheKnows, and The Everygirl’s “5 Wedding Trends Every 2019 Bride Should Know About.” So without further ado, here are some highlights!

The Classic Look

Brides suggests 2019 marks “the return of classic designs and simple styles” when it comes to wedding dresses, along the lines of Meghan Markle’s influential look at the most recent royal wedding. (The Everygirl observes that Markle’s matrimonial getup has also inspired a “resurgence of the bridal tiara.”)

Three-Piece Sharpness

Somewhat along the same lines—classic, old-school elegance for nuptials wear—Brides notes a natty, three-piece suit will be a dominant look among grooms this year.

Small Plates, “Grazing Boards,” and Culinary Themes

Huddleston’s SheKnows article suggests small plates and the lavish snack spreads called “grazing boards” will be widely used for wedding feasting in 2019. It’s a good way to incorporate more flavors and presentations as well as a more communal mood while still hitting the mark when it comes to artistic presentation and culinary caliber. The Everygirl thinks “themed food stations” will be popular this year: “think raw seafood bars, custom pizzas, taco stands, and more.”

Brighten Things Up

The Everygirl suggests bright, bold colors will take center stage in 2019 weddings. “Pastel and more muted décor will always be a beautiful, classic choice,” the site notes, “but we expect to see more weddings create an elegant affair with moodier and more intense colors than we’re used to.”

Fall Matrimony

At SheKnows, Huddleston notes more couples seem to be tying the knot in fall rather than spring or summer. Here in Fairfield County, Connecticut, autumn can be a wonderful time for a wedding, given the outstanding fall color backdropping things that time of year.

Botanical Beauty

The Brides roundup suggests a continuing trend toward incorporating more greenery into wedding displays, including evocations of trees and boughs. “Florals will be natural, whimsical, and romantic,” wedding planner Bruce Russell tells the magazine.

Screen-Free Weddings

Huddlestone’s SheKnows piece indicates more weddings in 2019 may be restricting electronics to ensure a more in-the-moment, fully focused experience. “It seems like a lot of couples are annoyed by their guests staring at a screen the whole wedding,” she writes, “or having wedding pictures up on Facebook before the reception is even over.”

Bridesmen & Groomsgirls, etc.

Brides points out that “the traditional wedding roles are now seen more as a guide than a rule,” with bridesmen, groomsgirls, bestwomen, and other loved ones increasingly featured.

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