Hotel Zero Degrees Norwalk is now The Watershed!

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What is a Boutique Hotel?

Ever heard of a boutique hotel before? They’ve been around since the 1980’s and offer more unique settings than you’ll find at a standard hotel.

A boutique hotel is often a luxury facility placed in a unique or intimate setting. They offer full service accommodations, like many of the hotels you stay in, but are great for getting into the culture of the city.

A big difference in these types of hotels is that they are generally smaller than the familiar skyscrapers you’ll see in each city. Rooms will normally number no more than one-hundred. This allows the staff to create a customer-focused approach to their business. In many cases, the staff will know the name of each guest.

The smaller environment allows them to personalize the dining experience a bit more. They can offer unique healthy food choices that are harder to implement into the hotel chains that draw larger crowds.

The architecture tends to fit in with the rest of the city, and there’s usually only one of its kind in the world, i.e. they’re not usually chain hotels. Some are appropriately themed to the city. Others present a very modern atmosphere that almost makes you feel like you walked into a museum. Many will adhere to this theme in their decorations from the main lobby into the furthest away room.

Hotel Zero Degrees is one of those that adhere to the modern atmosphere. Walking into the lobby looks and feels like you’re walking through the welcome area of an art museum. The furniture, architecture, and room design all reflect that modern theme, creating a beautiful experience for their visitors.

Boutique hotels are designed to provide a unique and memorable experience for travelers while providing luxury service throughout their stay. Next time you travel, create a lasting memory in a local boutique hotel rather than just another mundane visit.