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10 Best Cities to Visit this Winter

Winter is almost here, and with it comes the opportunity to take a vacation to somewhere new and wonderful.

Some people vacation in the winter to find the best snow, while others want to escape to somewhere warm, whatever your goal, here are a few great cities in the US that will be spectacular this winter.

Phoenix, Arizona
If you are looking for a break from the chill of winter, Phoenix may be the place for you.  This great locale is perfect for lounging around this winter and maybe even getting a tan! 

Casper, Wyoming
For a truly gorgeous, though definitely cold, winter experience, Casper is a great vacation spot.  It is a much cheaper option than many winter vacation spots, and you will have access to some awesome skiing and other great winter sports. 

Houston, Texas
For great middle ground weather that stays around the 50’s, Houston is a great place for winter travel.  The warmer temperatures give more opportunity for outdoor activities without the excessive heat of other winter locales. 

Missoula, Montana
If you are looking for an escape into the great outdoors, Missoula is a great option.  This is truly winter wonderland country where you can escape the crowds and enjoy some amazing ski slopes. 

San Diego, California
For a beautiful beachfront experience, there aren’t many choices better than San Diego.  With moderate temperatures often reaching the seventies, this is a great area to enjoy the sun and escape the chill this winter. 

Waukesha, Wisconsin
This picturesque town is perfect for less extreme winter sports.  Cross country skiing and sledding are both popular options here! 

Savannah, Georgia
This city is a great choice for a history packed winter vacation.  You’ll find the streets uncrowded and the weather lovely on your escape to Savannah. 

Salt Lake City, Utah
Famous for its excellent snow, Utah is a great place to visit this winter season.  You are welcome to hit the slopes on one of many skiing or snowboarding resorts, many of which are within an hour’s drive of down town. 

Nashville, Tennessee
This city is known for a great music scene, and also offers the perfect location for a real country Christmas! 

Stamford, Connecticut
If you are looking for the beauty of the east coast this winter, Stamford may be the place for you!  In this locale, you may want to check out a boutique hotel, like Hotel Zero Degrees to really complete your experience.

Winter brings a lot of beauty with it, and by traveling, you can take full advantage of its mystique.  Contact Hotel Zero Degrees to make a reservation for this winter today!